6000 Series Aluminum Alloys

AA # Purpose - # Applications
6063 General Purpose - 66050 Alloy 66050 offers a combination of strength and extrudability. The surface finish of the extruded shape is ideal for anodizing and painting. This alloy is widely used for light standards and fixtures, sign panels, electrical conduit and tubing, as well as architectural applications (e.g., windows, doors, curtain walls, store fronts and trim). 66050 responds well to air quenching at the press and artificial aging, making it very suitable for T4, T5 and T6 tempers.
Super Flow / High Strength - 65496 Alloy 65496 achieves the best mechanical properties of all the AA6063-type alloys. The alloy extrudes hollows up to 20% faster and solids up to 10% faster than AA6063 General Purpose alloys. AA6063 Super Flow is ideal when higher than typical AA6063 properties are required, such as T54, T65 tempers. The alloy extrusion practices and response to post-extrusion finishes are equivalent to AA6063.
High Speed - 66091 Alloy 66091 offers a superior combination of strength and extrudability. This alloy is excellent for thin wall hollow sections and difficult shapes. The surface finish of the extruded shape is suitable for the most critical of applications, such as moldings, trim, window and door sections and store fronts. Press cooling and artificial aging achieves T5 properties.
Matte finish - 65020 Alloy 65020 is well-suited for applications where a consistent, matte anodized finish is required (e.g., store fronts, architectural, display equipment). This alloy is capable of developing the same T5 and T6 mechanical properties as Alloy 66050 (AA6063). Compared to AA6063 general purpose alloy, 65020 generally requires less time in the etch tank to develop a suitable matte finish. As a result, greater anodizing line throughput and lower alumina sludge generation at the effluent treatment plant can be expected. The reduction in time, chemicals and sludge disposal results in reduced costs and increased environmental benefits.
General purpose paint application - 65092 Alloy 65092 offers a good combination of strength and extrudability. The as-extruded surface finish is ideal for painting. 65092 is widely used for building and construction applications (e.g., windows, doors, store fronts and trim), as well as for light standards, fixtures, sign panels, automotive components and electrical conduit and tubing. This alloy responds well to air quenching at the press and to artificial aging, both of which allow T4, T5 and T6 tempers to be achieved.
Bending - 66099 Alloy 66099 offers an excellent combination of strength, extrudability and forming properties. 66099 extrudes hollows up to 20% faster than Alloy 66050 and develops T5 properties after press air quenching and artificial aging. 66099 is recommended for bending applications due to a naturally aged yield strength that is lower than many other AA6063 variants.
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