PLP/PLPH - Discontinued Units

Understanding new DOE requirements for AWEF ratings on refrigeration equipment.

These new AWEF rules consist of required energy ratings for Commercial Walk-In Coolers and Freezers under 3,000 ft2. and the equipment used for the cooling process in these same rooms. The equipment used for the cooling process consists of condensing units and unit coolers.
Peerless as a manufacturer of unit coolers does not currently have AWEF ratings published for any Unit Coolers that could be used in this application and so the customer must select units based on application.
Medical, Scientific, and Research Applications are exempt from the AWEF guidelines. Any of the Peerless Unit Coolers can be used in these applications without any concern
These regulations were put in place because it establishes efficiency minimums for refrigeration equipment used with walk-in coolers and freezers, including condensing units, unit coolers and self-contained refrigeration.

As of July 10, 2020, all medium and low-temperature unit coolers must be compliant. However, every non-compliant medium and low temp unit cooler built before July 10, 2020 can be sold legally at any time after. POA has limited inventory that meets these conditions and these can be used without concern for AWEF ratings.

All unit coolers manufactured after July 10, 2020 must be compliant when used as described above. POA has discontinued production of the PLPH (Low Profile) Style Unit Coolers as of this date.

It is the responsibility of those purchasing and installing the refrigeration system to understand the application involved and to select equipment accordingly.


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