Peerlite II Coatings

Our Peerless coating has been replaced with a new and improved coating - "Peerlite II".

The Peerlite II heat exchanger coating system provides superior corrosion resistance at significant savings over competing systems.

  • Water based, Non-Hazardous, HAPS Free, No VOC
  • Ambient cure, no oven baking required
  • Can be applied to any size or coil configuration

Compact "pie-plate" coil unit cooler with optional Peerlite coated case and coil.

Plate-fin heat transfer coils with optional Peerlite coating

Peerlite II Coating Properties Performance Tests
Material: Modified alkyd polymer fortified with aluminum pigment SWATT: ASTM G85 A3; 3200 hours
Dry Film Thickness: 0.8 - 1.2 mil UV/QUV: ASTM G53 88 ; 2000 hours
UV/QUV Stable Heat Transfer: < 3%
Color: Black Flexibility: ASTM D 4145-2T
Cross Hatch: D3359; 5B

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