Recently we had a prospective customer ask where our products were built. They were under the assumption that all coil production had moved out of the country and seemed surprised when we replied that all of our units were designed, manufactured and assembled at Peerless of America’s only location in Effingham, Illinois.

We manufacture extruded aluminum heat transfer coils, all-aluminum and copper-aluminum heat transfer coils, as well as complete unit coolers. The products that we produce are used in products that you use every day! For example, our display case unit coolers are used in refrigerated display cases which are located in stores all over the country as well as other countries.

You will not see a Peerless of America label on the actual display case, but know that our unit coolers and coils are powering many of the very cases that you purchase refrigerated products from every day. When we buy items out of a refrigerated display case that uses a unit that we built, we take pride in knowing that unit was built by Americans using American parts.

While the majority of our industry has shifted to manufacturing overseas, or importing parts and assemblies, Peerless of America is standing strong in our commitment to continue to produce products that are TRULY American Made.

Our company goal is to supply our customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices, helping them to grow their business. We also believe we have a responsibility to extend these efforts through our supply chain, as well.

Our commitment to American Made extends beyond the just the manufacturing of our products inside our facility, but also to the materials, parts, and outside services that go into our products. We source machined fittings and powder coating from companies in Dieterich, Illinois. We partnered with a fellow Effingham, IL Stainless Steel manufacturer for parts of our food-grade stainless steel assemblies. We use robust motor mounts, made in Robinson, Illinois, and fan guards from Valparaiso, Indiana. Our energy efficient, universal voltage EC motors are made in Woodville, Wisconsin. We purchase our tubing from Missouri, and our aluminum stock out of Tennessee and Arkansas.

Our dedication to American craftsmanship and quality is a priority, not an afterthought. This is why we won’t take the easy way out, by outsourcing overseas. We intend to continue sourcing locally and domestically whenever possible. We know that the quality and value of American made products are worth the investment, not only for the benefit of our end user, but for the communities in which we all live and work.

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