Heat Transfer Coils

Heat Transfer Coils
• Peerlite coating optional
• Aluminum evaporator coils for “frost-free” commercial and household refrigerator applications
• Easily adapted as a replacement unit or original equipment
• Aluminum coils can be provided with copper tips joined with peerless’ patented “eutectic” joint or fluxless solder joint
Heat Transfer Coils
Heat Transfer Coils
TUBE OD NOMINAL3/8"3/8"3/8"1/2"5/8"
TUBE SPACING1"1"1"1.25"1.5"
ROW SPACING.866"1"1"1.083"1" OR 1.5"
FINS PER INCH4-164-102-106-122-6
FIN THICKNESS0.0075 - 0.0130.0075 - 0.0130.0130.00750.02
TUBE WALL THICKNESS.016 Smooth .013 Rifled.016 Smooth .013 Rifled.016 Smooth .025 Smooth.016 Smooth.016 Smooth
ENDPLATE MATERIALGalv. / Alum.Galv. / Alum.Galv. / Alum.Galv. / Alum.Galv. / Alum.

Oil Coolers

• For “after-cooler” or “oil-cooler” applications
• All aluminum construction
• Easily adapted as a replacement unit or original equipment
• Fin and tube designed to withstand the most rugged conditions while providing maximum efficiency
• Available in 3/8”, 5/8” and 3/4” OD tubing
• Peerlite protective coating available

Natural Refrigerant Coils

Over the past couple of years there has been an increasing demand for evaporators and condensers that are optimized for use with natural refrigerants (i.e. CO2, R290 & R600A). Peerless of America II has several eco-friendly heat exchanger options to help meet these challenges. The NR Coil, our most recent development, is a 5mm solution all-aluminum condenser with a patent pending non-conventional design. The small diameter helps reduce the refrigerant charge and allows for high burst strength. This coil is
also designed to reduce the fouling effects of environmental dust and debris. The all-aluminum design reduces the chance for formicary corrosion and a single continuous (monolithic) tube/fin increases tube fin efficiency for optimal heat transfer. The only connections are to the copper stubs that are supplied with the coils for ease of installation. This reduces the chance for leaks, which is even more critical than ever with these natural refrigerants.

• New! – patent pending – Nonconventional heat exchanger
• 5mm tube solution
• Hydrocarbons – CO2 – Ideal for use with natural refrigerants
• Low fouling – Designed to help with field cleanliness
• Customizable design –  Fit any application
• Space saving – Adaptable to allowable space
• Separation between rows – Enhanced performance
• No braze joints – Reducing the chance for leaks
• Single continuous (monolithic) tube/fin – Increased tube fin efficiency for optimal heat transfer
• Low refrigerant charge requirement
• Cost effective design – Help reduce overall expenses
• High burst strength
• All aluminum design – Low cost construction – avoiding formicary corrosion
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