Skyve technology
Skyve technology is a unique all aluminum heat exchanger that utilizes monolithic tube-fin combination. This allows for a 20% to 25% increase in performance. We are constantly discovering new ways to utilize this amazing heat exchanger technology.
Skyve products can be fabricated into a variety of shapes or be supplied in straight lengths up to 30 feet long. They can be also be skyved on one or both sides. We can extrude the basic shape with ports or solid to handle fluids or be used as a cost effective heatsink.


Skyve technology was developed in 1970’s for the nuclear power industry for the Skyve technology
emergency cooling systems. It is now being used in a wide variety of applications like under counter ice machines, military equipment, jet engines, oil coolers, power generation, mining, and heavy duty off road equipment. Skyve coils are ideal for applications that require durability, compact spaces, and/or extreme conditions.

Skyve technology If you are looking for a heat exchanger that will fit in a small space, be durable enough to withstand rough environments, or extreme conditions check out our Skyve coils.


Skyve technology

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