As DOE and EPA requirements continue to increase it is very important to consider alternative coil technologies.


Alternative Coil TechnologiesOver the past couple of years there has been an increasing demand for evaporators and condensers that are optimized for use with natural refrigerants (ie. CO2,  R290 & R600A).  Peerless of America II has several eco-friendly heat exchanger options to help meet these  challenges. The NR Coil, our  most recent development is a 5mm solution all aluminum condenser with a patent pending unconventional design. The small diameter helps reduce the refrigerant charge and allows for high burst strength.  This  coil is also designed to  reduce  the fouling effects of environmental dust and debris.  The all-aluminum design reduces the  chance for formicary  corrosion  and a single continuous (monolithic) tube/fin increases tube fin efficiency for optimal heat transfer. The only connections are to the copper stubs that are supplied with the coils for ease of installation.  This reduces the chance for leaks, which is even more critical than ever with these natural refrigerants.

Alternative Coil Technologies


We also have Skyve coil technology, which is very durable and efficient. These are mostly used in industrial  applications however, recent production and technological advancements have made this  technology  available to commercial  markets.


Alternative Coil Technologies

Motor requirements have also changed over the past few years.  Electronically Commutated motors are being required for more and more of the unit cooler markets to help reduce the power consumption for the overall system.  The demand for universal voltage (115 – 240 volts 50/60 Hz) is increasing as well.  Peerless of America II unit coolers are being set up using EC motors with universal voltage.  This makes our unit coolers energy efficient and functional anywhere in the world.


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