Aluminum Extrusion

Since 1912, Peerless of America II has provided global markets with innovative aluminum thermal management systems and solutions. Peerless helps with design, prototyping, extrusion and manufacturing of aluminum parts for a variety of heat transfer needs. By extruding high precision, tight tolerance thin-walled aluminum extrusions in round tube, multi-port extrusions, hollow extrusions and tank extrusions, Peerless provides aluminum extrusion parts that provide safer, higher heat transfer efficiencies, less maintenance and lower fuel consumption. Peerless alluminum extrusions can be found globally in condensers/evaporators, radiators, battery coolers, charge air coolers, connector lines, fuel coolers, oil coolers and inter-coolers. Our corrossion resistent aluminum extrusions are made from high strength, high temperature 1000 series, 3000 series and 6000 series aluminum than improves your green footprint and recycling potential. Aluminum extrusions from Peerless of America II continue to be the most viable solution for improving heat transfer efficiency while reducing overall costs.

  • Coiled tubes available in various coil sizes
  • Master straight lengths
  • Cut to finished lengths
  • Bar stock for bar and plate cores

General Dimensional Tolerance Design Guideline for Extrusion

Note: Dimensional characteristics that are critical to design and/or that require tighter tolerance than specified above should be individually specified.

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